Current Appeals

A Second Vocational Training Centre


Help us raise $10,000 USD to build a new dance hall
To train a new generation of dancers in the other 7 NKFC villages 
And keep Cambodia’s oldest legacy alive


Following the success of the NKFC Conservatoire in Banteay Srei and as requested by the villagers, we are in the process of preparing a 2nd generation of the Sacred Dancers of Angkor, to offer more children born in the heart of the Khmer Cultural Heritage, the opportunity of a noble future in preserving, promoting and perpetuating the legacy of the Classical Ballet.


For the newly planned training centre in the Commune of Run Taek, we have recently recruited 95 students.

It will accommodate children from the other seven villages in the District, currently more than an hour’s cycle ride each way from the original Conservatoire.



We ask for your valued support. The funds raised will pay for a dance hall to enable our existing dancers and musicians to fulfill their dreams to preserve and protect by teaching their roles under the supervision of our teachers.

Thank you for your kind support.


The new Conservatoire will be crucial in helping a 2nd generation attain the professional level needed for them to follow in the footsteps of the Sacred Dancers of Angkor, who since 2007 have dedicated themselves to an artistic dream.




The twice weekly performances have earned the Sacred Dancers a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor, as the sole troupe to give the most authentic performances.  Additionally, other bespoke offerings and unique experiences created for tourists through the Divine Boutique, help them build towards being a sustainable enterprise.

The Sacred Dancers of Angkor is the success story of our rural development work carried out with their parents since 1999, and vocational training program since 2007.  It combines discipline with ancient Khmer tradition, as with all elements of the Foundation’s programs, and is central to consolidating the work already carried out in the villages.