Elephant Walk

Charity Dinner, Sukhothai, Hong Kong, October 2008

NKFC US Trustee Mrs Longteine de Monteiro of Elephant Walk (see below) has generously chosen NKFC to be the shared recipient of a Charity Wine Dinner in Hong Kong on the 17th October as well as the sole recipient for the cooking class the next day.

A big thank you, to you Bang Nyep!

Cooking Classes 2006

French native Gerard Lopez, co-owner and chef at The Elephant Walk in Cambridge, teaches classes at the Cambridge restaurant. Gerard generously donated the entire proceeds from the following class to NKFC

Saturday, May 6th – Fusion: French with a Cambodian Twist
In this class Gérard will teach how to prepare Asian-influenced French cuisine. Emphasizing consideration for the essential nature of different cultural techniques and ingredients and how they work together – well and poorly – the goal is a lesson on how to avoid pitfalls on the road to a successful fusion meal, on how you can experiment yourself with confidence.

Funds raised: $1035