Hever Castle Triathlon 2014

As a celebration of an illness recovery, NKFC Trustee Li-Da Kruger took part in the super sprint distance that took place in Kent on a cool autumn day.
Total Funds Raised: £1,266
Finishing Time: 1:37


LONDON Marathon 2012

On 22 April 2012, Mhamed Medaghri ran the London Marathon. He cramped at km33, but his determination to finish the race as he was running on behalf of the NKFC saw him through the pain and helped him limp through the last 10 kms.

Total fund raised: £1,125 which will be matched by Royal bank of Canada thereby raising a total of £2,250.

Finishing time: 3:56



TAUNTON Half Marathon 2008

On 6 April2008, Nico Warr ran the Taunton half marathon in aid of NKFC.

Total fund raised: £1399



LONDON Duathalon 2007

On 3 September 2007 NKFC Trustee Gerald Dupuis participated in the London Duathalon in aid of the NKFC. The race consisted of a 9km run, 20km bike ride and 5 km run. The course has some serious hills. The first 9km is mostly flat to slightly downhill, the next 20km bike ride has many up hills and the last 5km run has one serious uphill and then is flat.

Total Funds Raised : $8,000 (with gift aid top up and £1,000 philanthropic matching from Lehman Brothers)

Building a school costs around $10,000 so we are almost there.
Thank you!

To spice things up, donations were also a bet on guessing
finishing time: HH:MIN:SEC.

There were 31 Bets on Finishing Time
16 Outright Donations
Best Time Bet: 01:17:00 (Matt Rettner, winning time for the race was 01:23:18)
Worst Time Bet: 02:35:00 (Thanks for your vote of confidence, Axel!)
Average Time Bet: 02:04:13 (As a group, you where very close to my time)
Biggest better: Vikesh Kotecha
Most creative better: Etienne Terlinden (a case of wine, which I purchased and donated to the charity)
Winner: Nilesh Jethwa with a bet of 02:02:00

Finishing time: 02:02:19
Download the fundraining leaflet [pdf]


LONDON Marathon 2002

In 2002 NKFC Trustee Gerald Ratanak Meas Dupuis ran the annual London Marathon in aid of the NKFC raising £1,587 from private sponsorship and an added £500 from Lehman Brothers. These funds have been earmarked at his request for the Schools program.

Finishing time: 04:29