Support the Dance

Support the Dance Event 2012

Please join us for a special performance at Wat Bo Pagoda by the Dance & Music Troupe
Preah Ream Buppha Devi.

The performers are children from the impoverished villages of Banteay Srey. Your valued support assists their livelihood and vocational training in maintaining the cultural legacy of traditional Khmer dance.

7.00pm – 7:45pm Friday, 6th July 2012
Wat Bo Pagoda, Wat Bo Road

Admission US$15 per person
Khmer Nationals no charge. All donations welcome

Support the Dance Event 2009

On Friday 27th February 2009 at 17h30; and Saturday 28th February at 17h30. A select group of 38 young dancers from Banteay Srey will perform in Phnom Penh for the very first time at the invitation of the Hotel Royal.

From the shadows of the delicate pink temple of Banteay Srey these children from humble backgrounds whose parents in 1999, when NKFC first began to work in the region, numbered amidst the poorest of the poor, living under the stronghold of the Khmer rouge, have flourished into proud and dedicated exponents and defenders of Khmer culture and tradition through traditional classical and folk dance.

In order to restore their dignity and leading them to the path of a sustainable future the NKFC initially worked with seven settlements of displaced refugees (1181 families) and at the end of 2003 expanded to another seven villages (1353 families). NKFC has implemented a rolling programme of education in hygiene, basic healthcare, vaccination, malaria prevention and aid awareness; agriculture and animal husbandry; water policy and distributing wells and latrines after training. NKFC has also built 3 schools (9 classrooms) to provide parallel programmes for both parents and children.

Two years ago NKFC expanded their work to include vocational training for adults and children. The first dance school with 128 dancers was sponsored by NKFC France and proved to be a great success, beyond all expectations, transforming little muddy children into elegant and gracious creatures dancing with their soul.