Meet the Team

The NKFC is a big family between the staff of all programs, the students at the Conservatoire and at the schools NKFC built, as well as with local Authorities and the 2769 families in the 14 remote villages in the shadow of UNESCO Heritage Site of Angkor in Banteay Srey. Without the preliminary work of rural development since 1999, of empowering the villagers to a sustainable livelihood and to trust the Conservatoire, we would not have reached such success.

My name is Chinda and I have been working as Administration Officer for all of NKFC’s Cambodian operations for many years. I also accompanied the Sacred Dancers on the USA tour as their Tour Co-ordinator, as well as singing for them.



My name is Sopheap and I have been teaching traditional music at the NKFC Conservatoire, since 2007. My challenge has been forming the first orchestra of all female musicians, which is very exciting since the students are very talented and eager to learn.



My name is Chantha. I have been teaching both Classical ‘Boran’ and Folk ‘Pepeiny’ disciplines at the NKFC Conservatoire since it began. I accompanied the Troupe on the USA and Japan tours.



My name is Visni. I have been working across NKFC operations for many years, especially on the hygiene and agricultural programs. Every day I travel on y my moto from Siem Reap to Banteay Srei and back to visit the 14 villages and their inhabitants.