About Us

NKFC’s Mission Statement

“The Aim of the Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia is to empower village people in Cambodia with the knowledge and resources to secure their basic needs through a partnership programme for a sustainable future.

Ownership of the programme lies with the village people themselves. They are expected and encouraged to help themselves to improve their lives. Special attention is paid to the needs of the children, who represent the future.
The NKFC. programmes of support focus on improving health and hygiene, environmental education, providing adequate school accommodation for primary level pupils and agricutural education on improving yields and diversity of food and cash crops, improving animal health, vocational education – teaching craft and other skills for enhanced livelihoods, and encouraging a participatory approach to development.

The NKFC respects and supports efforts to promote the traditional culture on which village life is based within the context of sustainable development.
The Conservatoire of Dance and Music, completed in 2008, is a new phase of NKFC’s work. It combines discipline with ancient Khmer tradition, as with all elements of the Foundation’s programs, and is central to consolidating the work already carried out in the villages.”